The human body is amazing!

I've been a fan of human movement from an early age.

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I began with gymnastics and ballet at age seven, and then moved into the more competitive sports of swimming, basketball and volleyball in junior high and high school.

I played collegiate volleyball for Sonoma State University and later took up competitive cycling.

During this time I sustained many injuries until I found myself unable to walk for over a month due to disc herniations and severe neurogenic pain.

Chronic low back injury is what launched my career into Orthopedic Manual Therapy.

Through my rehabilitative process, I discovered the Hendrickson Method® which was the first modality I had experienced that gave me the sustained relief and function I was searching for.

Inspired by my own healing, I completed professional training in the Hendrickson Method® and have continued to expand my education and skills with modalities like NeuroKinetic Therapy®, Anatomy in Motion®, and P-DTR®.

I have experienced first hand just how powerful Orthopedic Manual Therapy can be and I am excited to help you live your life pain-free and get back to do doing the things YOU love!