Unlike relaxation focused massage therapy, Orthopedic Manual Therapy creates a long term solution--freeing you from pain permanently.


I offer you a way to heal from acute injuries, surgeries or chronic conditions and restore your body's natural balance, strength and function.

Through Orthopedic Manual Therapy, you will experience an overall balance within your body while getting pain relief from specific injuries or chronic conditions.


  • post-surgical rehabilitation

  • sports/work injuries

  • health maintenance and well being

I specialize in:

  • acute and chronic pain in joints and soft tissue

  • whiplash

  • pre-surgical preparation


Having competed on five National and one Olympic track and field teams, pain and injury were constant companions. At first I was suspicious of Indira and her “MAGIC.” However, the first visit resulted in noticeable reduction of pain, improved mobility, and life member of her “fan club!”
— Ronald Whitney, Retired Collegiate Educator and Coach


All Services 

In each session I meet the person where they are. An intake is recorded at the beginning of each session to track progress and patterns so that a focused, effective treatment plan can be developed. All treatment is in collaboration with the person receiving the treatment. Your input is just as important as the services that I offer.


Initial Bodywork Session, 90 minutes, $170

During our initial session I will go over your intake forms with you (you will have received them by email prior to the session), record any further detail around your health and discuss thoroughly what you see as the primary condition/issue. This session includes orthopedic testing to determine range of motion, pain levels and movement restrictions especially with walking. An overall movement assessment is taken while watching you walk and noting areas of restriction and pain. Starting with the area of primary concern, neurological modalities are typically employed first as a way to reset the nervous system followed by soft tissue work to release and balance muscles, tendons and ligaments. Once a diminished pain threshold is reached, range of motion can be addressed with joint mobility work and take home exercises to further enhance and embed functional movement in the body.


90 minute Bodywork Session, $170

This session is designed to blend movement and energy work with soft tissue and neurological work. It is ideal for going through movement exercises to support and enhance the table work. Also, energy work can be used for a portion of the session to further address issues or restrictions in the body.


60 minute Bodywork Session, $125

This session is ideal for those looking for a maintenance session or review of exercises given at a previous session. It can also be effective for targeting a specific or chronic issue requiring focused attention.


30 minute FREQUENCY work Phone Session, $95

This session is helpful for issues that show up in the body energetically that need focused frequency work through the breath or observation of how this issue is presenting itself. Frequency work is very helpful to move stuck areas of the body that tend to be blocked by thoughts and emotions. 


Indira has been my orthopedic therapist for 4 years. My association with Indira began because of chronic neck pain and related areas of discomfort. Indira’s work, which is constantly evolving as she continues her studies, has not only eliminated pain in specific areas of my body (heel, knee, low back), she has provided strategies and exercises which enable me to resume my active life with little or no discomfort.
— Diane Campagna, Retired Collegiate Educator and Coach


Methods and Modalities


Hendrickson® MethoD

This is where my love of bodywork began. Dr. Tom Hendrickson has built a comprehensive curriculum of orthopedic conditions through his own clinical research. He published his findings in an amazing anthology and started his own Orthopedic Manual Therapy and Massage School. After over 40 years of practice, Dr. Hendrickson has mastered the subtleties of joint function and provided a thorough model of utilizing muscle energy technique, joint and soft tissue mobilization coupled with orthopedic testing to provide a solid foundation of understanding and treating orthopedic conditions. This modality got me out of pain almost immediately and I can’t thank Tom enough for his amazing school and education.

Neuorokinetic Therapy® (NKT)

Developed and taught by David Weinstock, this modality focuses on the relationship of muscles, their associated firing patterns (be that facilitation or inhibition) and how that affects overall function. Through a protocol of muscle testing, release techniques and retesting, inefficient and/or painful patterns can be identified and corrected. NKT’s ability to address the function of muscle systems is foundational to any treatment session.

Anatomy in Motion® (AIM)

No matter how awesome a physical modality is, there is no substitute for movement. Gary Ward, PT has mastered the human gait in 360 degrees through his profound study of all 33 bones and 66 joints of the foot. Walking is the great human reset on so many levels. It gives organs, muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons the stimulus they need to expand, contract, mobilize and heal as needed. Gary’s constant research through human gait of many conditions and his uncanny ability to mobilize and return the joints of the feet back to their most functional position through movement is pure poetry. It’s scientific modeling and immediate results in pain reduction and overall well-being are far reaching.

Energy Medicine

Through several years of study with shamanic practitioners; Marti Spiegelman, MFA, Sarah Dole, Larry Kessler, MA, and Tom Cowan, PhD, I learned and practiced indigenous technologies. Much of this work was through deep attunement to my own inner world and working with other people in their inner and outer worlds. Fundamentally, indigenous practices are earth based which is where I am happiest. I love being out in nature and the language of the natural world. After being immersed in this study, I found that everything is the natural world and often times our ability to see ourselves and others comes from what is unseen. Each human civilization around the world has its own indigenous population, classically captured in Michael Harner’s work, Core Shamanism. The essential beauty of this work is the intersections among all cultures in seeing and experiencing human life. This work has become core to how I approach any session and informs me constantly of what is not completely obvious in the material plane.

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex® (P-DTR)

Dr. Jose Palomar (Orthopedic Surgeon, DIBAK) developed this most phenomenally comprehensive modality for the central nervous system that I have studied to date. This system focuses on proprioceptive responses in the nervous system and the overall impact of those responses in the body tissues; muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs. P-DTR has protocols that address emotional responses that are often paired with organs in the body. Organ function and position play a very important part in overall body function and can be the root of many neuromuscular conditions. This is a very subtle yet powerful modality that is undergoing continuous scientific research based on modeling through highly sensitive frequency measuring equipment along with practitioner findings. It is widely accepted as a billable modality in traditional medicine in the UK and Russia. The power and effectiveness of this modality for acute and chronic conditions is unparalleled.