Welcome to My Practice

Orthopedic Manual Therapy is the terminology I use to describe several modalities I use in any given session. I approach each of my clients as a whole person. Through a comprehensive intake, I use diagnostics like x-rays, MRIs, doctor’s reports along with lifestyle; personal history, exercise frequency, nutrition, work and family situation to build the best treatment plan possible. In addition, I provide homework, feedback, and regular communication to track how the treatment is landing in the body and what needs to be addressed during each session.

In this way, I look at the whole person and all the systems in the body for function. I have an excellent referral network of doctors and specialists who can treat conditions that fall outside of my scope of practice. Ultimately, I am a collaborator in the health of my clients. My goal is to make myself obsolete (except for maintenance sessions) and empower each client to find their way into what their body needs at any given time.

To me, this is optimal health – a relationship with your body that feels authentic, kind, supportive and empowering.


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In each session, I blend a cross section of modalities from various disciplines. I find this helps build a more fluid assimilation of functional movement and pain reduction.



I arrived at Orthopedic Manual Therapy by means of my own experience with pain and injury. What a learning experience it has been, and I look forward to helping you! 

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On the blog, you'll find my musings about the body and some of my own findings in working with my own body and my wonderful clients.