March 2018

Let’s start with the feet. I have had a long and arduous relationship with my feet. They have been bound with athletic tape, sprained, torn, iced until numb and generally hated on by me most of my life. In third grade I was wearing a size 6 shoe and my babysitter fashioned the name “Big Foot” which became the way most people addressed me until I was in high school.

I really thought my feet failed me in so many ways. Then I met the amazing and gifted movement specialist Suzy Babcock of Kinesthetics in Sebastopol and she introduced me to the book, “What the Foot?” by Gary Ward, creator of AiM (Anatomy in Motion™). Once I started to see what me feet have been doing all these years on my behalf (yes, all thirty-three bones and sixty-six joints) I became not only incredibly grateful but shamefully humble. Our feet are often a roadmap to many areas of our bodies feeling better, stronger and more functional.

February 2018

The best thing about being in the bodywork field is the uniqueness of each body. There are certainly general movement patterns, structures, and injury responses but each body has its own language and I get to learn that language as I work with the person and his/her body. For me it’s similar to getting to take a German, Hindi, Spanish and Chinese class all in one day! All the while, I get to nerd out on all the muscles, tendons, nerves and their attachments and the impact on the organs and bone structures. Of course, all of these pieces inform a person’s health and well-being which makes it a very detailed, specific and personal journey for me with the person I treat. I love that!

January 2018

Welcome to my Blog! This is a place where I will post musings, understandings, stories, and an occasional exercise or two all related to the body. I will focus on integration of the human experience with the body as the reference point. I’m very excited to be trying this out and seeing what comes forth over the year. Thanks for reading.