November, 2018

Yesterday my neighbor’s stout chihuahua mix bit my right hand. He was walking her towards me and she came up to me so I put the back of my hand near her and she took a couple of effective chomps out of my knuckle. As I normally do in situations like this, I sucked it up (not recommended) and said that I would be fine but when my hand started to bleed, I had to excuse myself from the conversation and take care of my wound. I did all the stuff you do for a dog bite and my hand has recovered in 24 hours to mostly a bruise and a small break of the skin.

My neighbor and his wife came by yesterday a few hours after the incident and we talked game plan if the wound got worse over the course of the evening. I was touched by their sincerity, concern and offer to take care of whatever I needed. And the wildest part of the whole experience was watching the bite go through swelling, calming down then swelling again. Dog bites that are aggressive have a huge energy behind them. I did a fair amount of P-DTR on myself as well as energy work. Plus, the emotions triggered from being bitten were crazy primal and lacked any kind of connection to logic. What was especially cool about this experience was observing my hand respond to my emotional state. I was shown again the depth of the connection our entire being has on itself; whether it’s emotions and body, thinking and body, spiritual practice and body, the body doesn’t miss a beat. We live in some pretty incredible structures that carry a lot of information. I never cease to be impressed.