December, 2018

There seem to be themes that run through my practice on a regular basis. This past month the theme has been “if you have been ignoring something in the body for awhile, it’s not going to let up until you address it”. Even my clients who actively care for their bodies through diet, exercise, down time and self-care are reporting nagging body pains or more serious body issues/injuries this month. What this says to me is that we are all in a stage of upleveling our awareness around our bodies and their way of communicating to us. I see this as a way our bodies are actually evolving with the times that we are living in. For me it has been my jaw. I notice I hold it more, clinch more, forget all together to let it relax literally until my neck starts to hurt. And the jaw is so indicative of many systems in the body. Its more obvious functions like chewing, talking, swallowing can shift with dysfunction but the less obvious impacts are pelvic obliquity, headaches, dizziness, teeth discomfort, and even instability in the ankles. These all can stem from the jaw and have web like impacts throughout the body. More often than not, much of this discomfort can be avoided by simply being aware of my jaw and remembering to breathe and let my jaw relax. As you enter in to the Holiday Season and New Year be aware of your body’s communication system. Best wishes to all and happy bodies all around!