July, 2019

The past month has been a game changer for me. In one of my meditations I heard, “The healthy masculine (whole and complete and present) commands presence and the healthy feminine surrenders to that presence.” This is completely aside from gender. One of the easier ways to think about this is in one body/person. So, if you are whole and complete and surrender to presence, your relationship with you is pretty damn stellar. However, if you feel like you can’t trust yourself, the things you want/desire won’t ever happen, it’s all your partner’s fault, etc., then it’s highly likely your relationship with yourself is somehow incomplete. And there is a state of completion that you can reach where you transect the daily life duties with creation, expansion, manifestation at the highest possible level. I experience this as moving with life. I’m not talking myself through some process about how I reacted here, or what I said there, blah, blah. I’m in a state where things are offered to me. The best pathway for treatment, the best words to speak, etc. Basically, my life becomes a series of moments strung together into minutes then hours all the while, I’m just tuning into what is needed next. Occasionally, I might have an idea that I would like to implement or I notice a place in my life where I can test the information presented above about the healthy masculine/healthy feminine on myself. That’s kinda fun for me because I get deeper understandings of concepts. But overall, it’s just tuning into what is being offered. I’m not saying this is the secret to life. It’s just how I live. And what I am practicing now is the surrender to how I live, how I enjoy this one precious life. Surrendering to the faith that I am whole and complete with how I live my life (even when I’m confused, afraid, angry, pessimistic). This feels like my true balance. My practice is transitioning into assisting other people find what and where is truly balancing for them. And the body is a wonderful place to start and monitor progress.