May, 2019

I’ve mostly experienced Discipline as a punitive thing. From learning instruments/sports at a young age to diet/exercise/education as an adult, Discipline has been something that has felt harsh and punishing. I’m learning to see Discipline differently now. It has really shifted my view to hear how Mas Sajady defines Discipline. Ultimately, he says that Discipline is the willingness to consistently and continually be in your body and move forward from that place. For many people, being in the body is a challenging proposition. The reasons vary but most often the stumbling block is the “how” of being in the body. Occupying the body can be as simple as taking in a breath and noticing where it goes. Also, noticing what you are sitting/standing on and the distance of objects next to you. This forces you to place yourself in your body in order to note where you are from where the object is. Even though this seems like a simple task, which it is, maintaining it is what requires Discipline. This blends nicely with what I say at the conclusion of most sessions. Most of the time, I can help you to feel better but maintaining the function and lack of pain in the body largely depends on what you do when you are outside of my office. This is where Discipline is so important. It is literally the effort to notice where we are most of the time. For me this feels like more of an opportunity, although not always easy, to be with myself fully rather than a punitive task.