January, 2019

As I mentioned last month, January has gone into full throttle paradigm shifting around how our bodies function. I have had several clients and friends share their experiences of implementation of the Keto diet lately. Not to mention, it has made the news feed with the Jillian Michaels debate. What I have noticed in trying out the diet myself is that there is no “perfect” version of the diet. It, like most things in life, has to be tweaked and dialed in for you as the individual. And often times, just when I think I’ve got a handle on what my body likes and how it functions best, I need to tweak it even more. Much of the focus of the Keto diet is on weight loss (that is only one benefit, there are tons more) however I really resonate with Dr. Eric Berg’s tagline which is get healthy first and eat in a way that supports that health. What he means by that is, if you have a lot of stressors in your life like toxic people, overwhelm at work, or simply navigating life itself, nothing is really going to work well unless that element of your life is simultaneously addressed in some fashion. Our bodies are the wisdom keepers of how we are feeling and functioning. They hold volumes of information of what is happening both in our individual experiences and the collective experience. I’m not suggesting or offering advice here, just giving a plug for the miraculous form that we all get to inhabit while on planet earth. And often times, just a little gentle focused attention on our bodies in one way or another can make a huge difference on how we feel and function.