February, 2019

This past month has been a whopper! Those of you who work with me regularly know that I tend to bring in the emotional aspects of how the body functions along with family/ancestral history to aid in healing. By no fault of our own or anyone else, we can be running familial, ancestral and even collective patterns that we have agreed to at points along the way without even knowing it. This month I’ve seen a lot of that. Not only in my clients but also in myself. It’s a total mental trip to realize you are doing something out of a patterned habit and the moment that pattern is released the body functions differently. Some of these patterns can be really helpful along life’s journey and some not so helpful but the general feedback I’m getting from my body and the bodies of people that I treat is it is very important to operate from your own operating system rather than that of someone else. The tricky thing with patterns and habits, as most of us have experienced, is that when they are not running there is a place where the mind looks for it again trying to reactivate it. That is the beauty of P-DTR® (Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex) combined with family/ancestral pattern recognition, once the pattern is released with your absolute agreement and confirmation, your mind can’t find it and is a bit disoriented. The disorientation can last from a few minutes, to few hours, or even a few days. It really depends on how tolerant and easy going we can be with ourselves while we are creating new, healthy, truer to ourselves patterns. I feel like I’ve learned more this month than I have in years in many ways. And as I always say, the body never ceases to amaze me!