April, 2019

Spring cleaning has taken on a whole new depth this month. As I sat down to write last month’s post, I found that I encountered some resistance to writing. Soon I was completely consumed by the layers of clearing out of old patterns that I found were active in me. This internal cleansing has heightened my skills at seeing and offering clarity to my clients regarding their ancestral patterns that show up in the body. The past two months been incredibly illuminating regarding the connections of the body as an indicator system of what we hold from our DNA patterning. Our efficiency with cleaning up issues that have given us grief in the past is partially dependent on our present awareness. These times we are in truly are revolutionary on many levels. Because my focus is body centered, I’m increasingly interested in the trends I see in my practice with how we hold, release and bring in our truer expressions as individuals. As I’ve stated time and time again, these bodies that we all occupy are genius machines. There is wisdom, grace and perseverance just waiting to be tapped into. I am very excited to watch the evolution of our collective awareness and happy to share what I’ve noticed.